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At Performance Breakthrough we unlock the potential of children and adults who want to enhance their performance in sport and education.  

We also deal with the root cause of emotional and behavioural issues through our complete Movement Therapy Programme.


Noah makes a connection!

When your body is rigid your thoughts are rigid too.

When your eyes cannot focus and track an object your mind cannot concentrate on your work.

Call now and make your child happy, relaxed and reasonable…Make home life a joy not a chore! 


Are you concerned about your child?

Increase concentration

Improve reading/writing and spellings

Reduce anxiety and frustration

Erase behavioural issues


Do you want to unlock your potential?

Improve your concentration
Complete tasks on time

Build your self-esteem and confidence

Reduce anxiety and frustration

Sport - All ages...

Improve your performance in sport

Increase your reaction speed Strengthen your body/mind connection Improve spatial awareness
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