At Performance Breakthrough we unlock the potential of children and adults who are challenged by learning, emotional and behavioural issues.


Are you concerned about your child?

Increase concentration

Improve reading/writing and spellings

Reduce anxiety and frustration

Erase behavioural issues


Do you want to unlock your potential?

Improve your concentration

Complete tasks on time

Build your self-esteem and confidence

Reduce anxiety and frustration

Sport - All ages...

Improve your performance in sport

Improve concentration in play

Increase your reaction speed

Strengthen your body/mind connection

Improve spatial awareness

Call us today and book a free 1 hour appointment. We will give you a unique insight into the reasons why you or your child struggle with sport, learning, behavioural or emotional issues.

Susan Steele
Susan Steele

Tel:  07790 245 145


John Steele
John Steele
Breakthrough Coach

Tel:  07500 337 708