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For over 14 years, Performance Breakthrough has been dedicated to  unlocking the potential of individuals across all age groups. From children as young as 4 to teenagers and adults, we are committed to enhancing performance in various facets of life, including the classroom, home, workplace and the sports field.  


Our Story

Susan Steele, Our Director, is a mum who’s bright, kind children had traits of ADHD and Dyslexia.
When her eldest Son was 12 she was sent for by the school and told that if her son did not pull his socks up in two weeks he would lose his place in the top class. She returned to work in  tears but knew she had to do something as her son wasn’t bad, he just couldn’t conform in a classroom due to low concentration and a lack of consequences.  It was all low level stuff but he was always in bother!
She found a balance and coordination programme that day and signed him up.
Having researched she quickly realised that her second son was Dyslexic. When he was psychologically tested he had an IQ of 121 but the spelling age of a 7 year old and a reading/comprehension age of 8…He was 10 years and 6 months old. So of course she signed him up to the programme too.
1 year later the results were clear to see.  As Susan says.
“We went to parents night having had a disastrous one the previous year. My son’s year head met us at the door and said. “Mrs Steele, I hope you have a wonderful evening as your son has completely turned it round.”
“I also wanted my proof that my youngest had improved in every aspect of his education.” When he was retested by the Psychologist, all of his scores had risen to his chronological age and spelling was just 8 months behind…It had been 3 years and 6 months behind.”
The results Susan witnessed with her own sons is her reason for leaving her job in Finance after 26 years and starting her own business to help other families in a similar situation and who needed help with the traits of  ADHD, Dyslexia and ASD’s.


Our Strategy

We are very proud to state that we deal with the root cause and support you throughout the journey.
Through the science of Neuroplasticity our complete movement therapy effectively re-wires the brain and most importantly, the changes are permanent.   


Noah makes a connection!

When your body is rigid your thoughts are rigid too.

When your eyes cannot focus and track an object your mind cannot concentrate on your work.

Call now and make your child happy, relaxed and reasonable…Make home life a joy not a chore! 


Are you concerned about your child?

Increase concentration

Improve reading/writing and spellings

Reduce anxiety and frustration

Erase behavioural issues


Do you want to unlock your potential?

Improve your concentration
Complete tasks on time

Build your self-esteem and confidence

Reduce anxiety and frustration

Sport - All ages...

Improve your performance in sport

Increase your reaction speed Strengthen your body/mind connection Improve spatial awareness
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Mental Health for Adults
The coaches became the student

Improve your overall mental health with our new Web App!

Increase focus/concentration

Clear Brain Fog

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, frustration and procrastination

Improve sleep

Feel happier!

Our beanbag challenges require 2 minutes per day and costs just £8.99 per month.

Client review…”Within 2 weeks I felt that the brain fog had lifted. I used to have a list as long as my arm that just kept getting longer. I have completed every task with ease. To say that I am delighted with my progress so far is an understatement!” Louise Grant 

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