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For over 14 years, Performance Breakthrough has been dedicated to unlocking the potential of individuals across all age groups. From children as young as 4 to teenagers and adults, we enhance performance in various facets of life, including the classroom, home, workplace, and sports field. Our commitment to personal growth and development ensures that everyone can achieve their best, no matter their age or stage in life. Join us in transforming potential into success in every aspect of life.

Noah makes a connection!

When your body is rigid your thoughts are rigid too.

When your eyes cannot focus and track an object your mind cannot concentrate on your work.

Call now and make your child happy, relaxed and reasonable…Make home life a joy not a chore! 


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Our beanbag challenges require 2 minutes per day and costs just £8.99 per month.

Client review…”Within 2 weeks I felt that the brain fog had lifted. I used to have a list as long as my arm that just kept getting longer. I have completed every task with ease. To say that I am delighted with my progress so far is an understatement!” Louise Grant 

Pilot Study: Assessing Stroke Recovery with Performance Breakthrough & The University of Ulster

A pilot project was conducted with Dr. Niamh Kennedy, a stroke researcher at Ulster University, to evaluate changes in stroke survivors participating in the Performance Breakthrough programme.

To objectively measure the program’s impact, two clinically validated tools were used at the start and various intervals (6 weeks, 12 weeks, etc.). The first tool, the Stroke Impact Scale, assesses multiple stroke outcomes, including strength, hand function, daily living activities, mobility, communication, emotion, memory, thinking, and participation. The second tool, the Activities-specific Balance Confidence (ABC) Scale, measures an individual’s confidence in performing activities without losing balance.


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