Susan Steele, our Director, is a mum whose bright, kind children had traits of ADHD and Dyslexia. When her eldest son was 12, she was called by the school and told that if her son did not improve in two weeks, he would lose his place in the top class. She returned to work in tears but knew she had to do something, as her son wasn’t bad; he just couldn’t conform in a classroom due to low concentration and a lack of consequences. It was all low-level stuff, but he was always in trouble!

She found a balance and coordination program that day and signed him up. Having researched, she quickly realized that her second son was dyslexic. When he was psychologically tested, he had an IQ of 121 but the spelling age of a 7-year-old and a reading/comprehension age of 8. He was 10 years and 6 months old. So, of course, she signed him up for the program too.

One year later, the results were clear to see. As Susan says:

“We went to parents’ night having had a disastrous one the previous year. My son’s year head met us at the door and said, ‘Mrs. Steele, I hope you have a wonderful evening as your son has completely turned it around.’”

“I also wanted proof that my youngest had improved in every aspect of his education. When he was retested by the psychologist, all of his scores had risen to his chronological age and spelling was just 8 months behind. It had been 3 years and 6 months behind.”

The results Susan witnessed with her own sons is her reason for leaving her job in finance after 26 years and starting her own business to help other families in a similar situation and who needed help with the traits of ADHD, dyslexia, and ASD.

Susan Steele Performance Breakthrough

Susan Steele 

Founder & Director

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The Story Behind Performance Breakthrough

As the founder and driving force behind Performance Breakthrough, Susan Steele has dedicated the last 14 years to transforming the lives of individuals struggling with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, and related challenges. Her work not only addresses these conditions but also profoundly reduces frustration, stress, and anxiety, leading to enhanced concentration and focus for her clients.

Performance Breakthrough was established with a mission to identify and address the root causes of neurological conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, and autism. Susan’s innovative approach combines cutting-edge techniques with a deep understanding of the human brain, resulting in personalized programs that foster significant improvements in her clients’ lives. Over the years, she has successfully helped countless children and adults achieve milestones they once thought unattainable.

Her unique methods stand at the forefront of neurological intervention. By focusing on hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, and stress reduction, she has devised a system that not only improves cognitive function but also enhances overall well-being. This holistic approach has set Performance Breakthrough apart from conventional treatments, making it a beacon of hope for families seeking lasting solutions.

The testimonials from her clients speak volumes about her dedication and effectiveness. Parents have seen their children blossom academically and socially, while adults have regained confidence and productivity in their personal and professional lives. One parent remarked, “Thanks to Susan Steele and Performance Breakthrough, my child now reads effortlessly and engages with peers like never before. The transformation is nothing short of miraculous.”

In the competitive field of cognitive therapy, Susan’s resilience and leadership have been crucial to her success. She has navigated the challenges of running a business with grace, consistently expanding her knowledge and staying abreast of the latest developments in her field. Her ability to adapt and innovate has ensured that Performance Breakthrough remains a leader in its industry.

Beyond her professional achievements, Susan is deeply committed to her community. She frequently conducts workshops and seminars to educate parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals about the importance of addressing the root causes of neurological conditions. Her outreach efforts have built a supportive network, fostering collaboration and shared knowledge.

Susan’s journey is an inspiration to many. She exemplifies how one person’s vision and determination can create ripples of positive change. Her unwavering commitment to her clients and her innovative approach to therapy empower individuals to lead fuller, more productive lives. Her work has not only brought relief to countless families but has also inspired a new wave of therapeutic practices.

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