Anger and Frustration

Anger and Frustration

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Anger and Frustration

How worried are you about how angry and frustrated your child or teenager is?

93% of parents surveyed reported a marked decrease in their child’s frustration level having started the Performance Breakthrough programme.

To find out how we support families, join our Webinar on Thursdays.

or give us a call 07790 245 145

Susan explains why children have meltdowns.  If this resonates with you, follow the link to register for this week’s Webinar. to register. 

Or if you can’t make it on Thursday, get in touch, phone Susan:

07790 245 145.

Sophie’s Story – no more frustration and tears:
Anger and Frustration Anger and Frustration Statistic

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Complete your Evaluation

Take a few minutes to complete our tick-box evaluation for your. It covers every trait from having difficulty getting organised in the morning to anxiety, frustration and meltdowns. 

Complete and submit your form and we will be in touch.

Click here to complete your Adult Evaluation form

Click here to complete your Child Evaluation form

Free Parenting Awareness Event

Book your place on our live Thursday event. Susan explains the science behind how and why the programme works.

Every Thursday at 10am

Call us today to discuss how we can help:

Susan Steele
Susan Steele

Tel:  07790 245 145


John Steele
John Steele
Breakthrough Coach

Tel:  07500 337 708


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