Parents Awareness Event

A unique insight into the reasons why...

Ask your child what frustrates them most.
Is it schoolwork, homework or other people?

Then ask yourself what scares you most. 

  • The phone call from school?
  • The poor exam results? 
  • People questioning your parenting skills? 
  • The overall effect on family life?

You’re not on your own.

We do understand and we can help you find the answers!

I have first hand experience with my own children.

I had felt that I was failing as a parent.  

When I found the programme and researched the science I realised that this simply wasn’t true.  

I had found the solution!

We completed the programme as a family and the results were life-changing.

This inspired me to leave my career and help other families.

The worry stops here – You have found the solution too!

Susan Steele, Founder of Performance Breakthrough

Susan will give you a unique insight into how and why the Programme works

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