What a week!!! – Excellent results and some major breakthroughs!

Happy girl excellent results major breakthroughs

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What a week! 

Excellent results & major breakthroughs – our Happy Friday Update!

A little girl of 5 was so sensory when I first met her she couldn’t concentrate for 5 seconds – she literally was like a firework whizzing around the room with no awareness that anyone was talking to her.  The Mum had to take her home after about 5 minutes as we were getting nowhere and the child was getting more and more agitated.

I arranged to visit her in her own home so that I would be the only new ‘thing’ coming into her environment.

It worked for about 10 minutes, she showed me her dolls, hair bobbles etc then out of nowhere she started throwing a little chair around the room, pulled a hi-fi off the wall, laughing all the way.  Her Mum put her on the naughty step but she would just get up and laugh at her mother. Her Mum was very consistent with her and just kept putting her back on the step until she stayed there for an allotted time.  She then hugged her Mum and said sorry….

….it lasted about 10 seconds and she did it all again – exhausting, frustrating etc etc.

I had no idea if the child would even do the exercises so we got her on the balance board (once she had calmed down)!!  She was able to stand on it and kept her feet in position.  She couldn’t throw a bean bag in the air and catch it – the reflexes weren’t there to let go never mind catch it. Mum and I threw the bean bag to her and to each other – she enjoyed it so I told Mum to work for 5 minutes twice a day at simply throwing the bean bag to the child and getting her to throw it back.  They worked diligently on this and slowly introduced the rest of the equipment.  That was 6 months ago…

…Well, what a difference.  They came back for the 6 months assessment yesterday.  The Mum was smiling from ear to ear with joy and relief as she told me about all the changes that had taken place.

The child has been able to start Sunday School.  She settled really quickly and the teacher said “If you hadn’t have warned me that there might be a problem, I wouldn’t have known that there was one.  She was very well behaved – I didn’t have to chastise her once”.

What a week!!! – Excellent results and some major breakthroughs! plush design studio l3N9Q27zULw unsplash

Last week she was able to go to a movie with lots of other children.  Her Mother was dreading it as it would have been a nightmare before what with the dark, the noise and the other children.  Again her school teacher said “She was brill. She sat and watched the whole thing and didn’t move”.

After homework she asks her Mum for more work, empathy is starting to come as she was the one who came running when her cousin fell. She can now go to birthday parties and enjoy them and her PE teacher singled her out for comment due to the improvement overall in the child – she used to have to sit on the teacher’s knee during PE as she couldn’t and wouldn’t take part.  I noticed yesterday that she walks differently, more fluid and co-ordinated in her arms.

Mum said “She is a happier child and the whole house has calmed as a result”

If this sounds familiar, get in touch – we can help!

A 7 year old boy who used to chew his hand, was very hyper, had a seat right beside the teacher and couldn’t retain spellings etc came for his 3 month assessment this week.

His Mum told me “He no longer has a ‘special’ seat, the chewing has stopped, he is calmer for longer periods and he remembered random spellings in a test of all the spellings covered since September.” In addition to all of this, he is able to sit down and do his homework, can get to sleep at night and sleeps right through and there are no more rows getting out to school in the morning – he is now the first one to be ready out of 4 boys!!!!

If this sounds familiar, get in touch – we can help!

A boy who started this year in September, used to have difficulty reading and understanding what was being read, used to move about and end up lying across a chair when doing his homework, couldn’t draw a box,  was always in bother in school for being distracted and pronounced Ambulance as Ambilance, birthday as birfday and milk as mink!

He attended his 3 month visit this week.  His Mum and Dad are over the moon.  All of the above have changed.  He now has a favourite author and can be found reading without being made to.  He’s now aware that he moves around when sitting and asks  “Why do I do that?”  He can draw a perfect box which sounds simple but isn’t if your eyes aren’t focusing and working together properly.  His pronunciation is now perfect and he actually laughed and said “milk used to be mink”!!!

He told his Mum a few weeks ago when he was doing an exercise “It’s this thing that’s helping me.”

His Dad is really impressed as he takes him for Rugby practice and used to be in despair as his son could not run properly as he was heavy footed and he found catching and throwing very awkward.  “He is so much more engaged now and his hand-eye coordination is great” his Dad said.  He now enjoys Rugby and goes for himself not just to make Dad happy.

If this sounds familiar, get in touch – we can help!

Performance Breakthrough is an innovative and effective approach to helping many fundamental skills in education and sport.  Our balance and co-ordination exercises enable you to unlock your full potential, naturally.

If your body is not in balance, your mind doesn’t work to it’s full potential.  We have been helping children to improve in school for almost 10 years and have found that each child enhanced their ability in sport.  

We are therefore delighted to be breaking into the sporting field to help sports people unlock their potential too.

Our education programme consists of: –

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