Happy Friday Update – Friday 12 April 2019

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Happy Friday Update! Lee has plenty to celebrate!

Lee and his Mum visited us this week for his 6 month review. Lee’s Mum has this to say about his progress:

“6 months ago homework time in our house was a fight, it was draining and caused the whole family to be miserable; not least Lee. He was crying, I was crying and I felt he was giving up on everything as it was all just too hard.

He was lost and we were afraid that he was on a downward spiral. One day he told me that he felt like he was a pain in the butt and was just annoying everyone all of the time.

We knew we had to do something more when he started punching the wall and kicking the fridge in sheer frustration.

6 months on and everything has changed thanks to a balance board, co-ordination exercises and the support we’ve received from the staff at Performance Breakthrough.

He can now go and do his homework independently without any tears or frustration. He just comes in and gets on with it. When we were in the Performance Breakthrough clinic yesterday he told Susan “Homework is just a routine now” whilst he lay on the floor doing his comprehension!!!

He is happier, more confident, he is no longer frustrated and he hasn’t had an anger meltdown in months. We can reason with him now and in-fact he can work things out logically for himself. His reading and spelling scores are up, his handwriting is neat, on the line, properly spaced and the letters are no longer random sizes..

Our home life is now calm and I don’t have to shout with the despair that i used to feel.

A massive confidence booster for Lee is the improvement in his football. He has scored 7 goals in his last 6 games and his team is second in the league!!!

We are very happy that we found this programme and would recommend it without hesitation to other parents whose children are struggling to cope.

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