How does the programme work?

We are passionate about our results!

We want to see each and every one of our clients unlock their potential through this groundbreaking, innovative Movement Therapy Programme.  Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions…If you think of another one give us a call and we’ll answer it for you.

How does the programme work?

In our 7 minute introductory video, Susan explains the science behind the programme and demonstrates some of the exercises that produce the permanent results that we witness every day.

Video link – Susan explains why we use balance

Who does the programme help?

At Performance Breakthrough we unlock the potential of children and adults who struggle with concentration, emotional and behavioural issues.

We achieve positive, permanent results in the classroom, workplace and on the sports field through our complete movement therapy programme.

How is the programme delivered?

We want to provide the best support service that suits you and your family.

We offer 2 options.

Our standard package

This includes the Performance Breakthrough equipment.

Your dedicated coach will train and support you to work with your own child for a maximum of 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week.

Through your coach, you will gain a unique understanding of why your child displays certain traits, the causes and the solutions.

Check up appointments are carried after one week, 3 weeks and 6 weeks. Thereafter we will see you and your child every 6 weeks.

Check ups can be facilitated face to face or online via zoom or WhatsApp video calls.  

In addition, we are only a text or phone call away if you have any questions in between support calls..


Our Ultimate Support Package – For busy parents! 

Let us do the work for you!

If life is super busy and you are concerned that you won’t find the time to fit the programme into your schedule, 5 days per week, let us take the strain.

Your expert coach will work on a one to one basis, with your child, twice per week. Each session will last 30 minutes. 

Call 07790245145 to book your child’s session.


How does the programme work for such a variety of people from a child in school to a professional sportsperson?

This Movement Therapy Programme is a complete body and mind connection tool.  It balances and co-ordinates the body in order to reorganise the mind, integrating our 9 senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, vestibular, proprioceptory and interoceptory.

When a child struggles to concentrate in the classroom they may also find it difficult to concentrate on the sportsfield.   Therefore if he or she completes the programme with the classroom focus in mind their sport will improve too.

Equally when a sports person struggles to concentrate whilst playing Golf for instance, they may also find it difficult to focus on paperwork.  If they complete the programme to improve their Golf swing, their ability to manage their paperwork will also improve and they will find that they complete tasks more easily.

What age range can participate?

We work with children as young as 4 years up to age 90.   Our motto is; If you can stand on the balance board and keep your feet straight, we can help!

Does it work?

Our innovative approach effectively re-organises and hard wires neural pathways through the modern science of neuroplasticity. (The brain’s ability to change).

We deal with the underlying root cause rather than simply putting a sticking plaster over the problem.  Our Movement Therapy Programme is drug free and the positive changes are permanent.

How long does it take to complete the programme?

For most of our clients It takes 12 – 15 months to complete our programme. 

The programme is home-based.





Is there a best time of day to do the exercises?

This will be discussed with your Breakthrough Coach once we know more about your own individual circumstances and needs.

How to find out more without obligation

  1.  The first step is to call us on 07790245145 to give us a brief outline of your individual inquiry and book a 30 minute call so that we can discuss how the programme will work for you/your child.  We will then ask you to complete step 2.
  2. The second step is to take a few minutes to complete one of our child or adult tick-box evaluations and submit it to us before your appointment.  This acts as a benchmark for our initial, 30 minute  discussion and for future progress checks, should you decide to start the programme. The evaluations include traits such as easily distracted, difficulty getting to sleep, handwriting, frustration and anxiety etc.
  3. Alternatively you can book your place on our live Thursday Webinar for parents.  Susan explains the science behind how and why the programme works.  After the webinar you will be invited to book a 30 minute apointment to discuss your child’s individual needs and complete the online evaluation.

How much does it cost?

Please call 07790245145 to book a 30 minute appointment to discuss how the programme will work for you and which payment option best suits your needs and budget.

I’m ready to start, what happens next?

Once you have completed and submitted our evaluation, and discussed the programme and payment options with Susan, we post your full Performance Breakthrough kit to you .  When the kit arrives we arrange a zoom call to explain the basic set up of the equipment and to see you or your child on the balance board for the first time.  This enables us to see where the problems lie from a physical point of view.  We will already have described the potential difficulties to you in our discussions and this gives you the opportunity to see them first hand.

During this appointment we will talk you through the kit and how to set it up correctly.  We start working with you straight away, providing the tips you need to get the most from our exercises. 

We will have a telephone call at week 1 to answer any questions and check how you’re doing.  

At week 3 we will have a Zoom call to review each of the exercises to see how you are progressing.

At week 6, and every 6 weeks thereafter for the remainder of the 12 months we will check in on Zoom to provide ongoing support.  

You are not on your own!

Parents…What happens if my child refuses to do the programme?

This is probably our most frequently asked question as many children start many activities with great enthusiasm but give up within a few weeks or months.

We offer a unique parent and child support service as part of the Programme.

The first thing we do in order to reduce the risk of a child giving up is to take the pressure off you as parents so that you can take all pressure off your child.  He or she, at this stage is fed up trying things and finding that they can’t succeed.  

They may have developed a ‘I can’t do it’ attitude.’  Our experience enables us to recognise this very quickly and come to your aid.  We will discuss the problem with you and your child and resolve it together.  We are often told by children and teenagers that we are the first people they have spoken to that understands what is going on in their head without having to ask. We are very proud to have honed this skill, having lived with it ourselves, so that we can reduce the pressure that many young people are under.  The result is they know they can trust us. 

If the going gets tough we will take over for a few weeks and work with your child once or twice per week.  A few weeks usually gets things back on track.

Call Susan to discuss how we can help and book your 30 minute, no obligation, appointment – 07790 245 145

Complete your Child’s Evaluation

Take 10 minutes to complete our tick-box evaluation for your child. It covers 59 traits including difficulty getting organised in the morning, unable to follow instructions,  anxiety, frustration and meltdowns etc. 

Complete and submit your form, without obligation and we will be in touch.

Click here to complete your Child Evaluation

Dr Anish Anish Paediatric Consultant and Head of ADHD services recommends Performance Breakthrough.

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Free Parenting Awareness Event
1 Hour Webinar

Book your place on our live Thursday event. Susan tells the story of how she found the programme for her own two sons and how it enabled her to stop shouting! She also explains the science behind how and why this Movement Therapy Programme works.

Join her for an hour on Thursday at 10am

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