The Theory

The vestibular sense is the first to develop as a child grows in the womb . It serves as an organisational tool for other brain processes. Stimulating and refining the resolution of the vestibular sense has a direct and noticeable positive impact on all those processes.

As a child begins to develop in the womb, the other major brain systems-motor, tactile, visual and auditory also develop but they develop in relation to the vestibular.

When the vestibular has been underdeveloped in the womb it makes it difficult for the other senses to integrate and communicate accurately, automatically and at speed. 

When you begin balance stimulation exercises all the systems in the brain are involved through the dominant vestibular sense. This, in turn, enables the communication systems to connect making processing of information more efficient.

Activities on the balance board impact on visual abilities, memory, eye hand coordination, reading, writing, speech, language, mathematical ability and sporting activities.

The Programme

Susan Steele brought the Learning Breakthrough Programme to the UK in 2010.  Following training with Dr Frank Belgau, she has helped over 600 children and adults to unlock their potential. Having developed the balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness exercises for sports people at all levels she renamed the programme ‘Performance Breakthrough’.

The specially designed exercises create new neurons and establish stronger connections within the neural pathway network. These enable an individual to process information accurately, automatically and at speed.

Exercise frequency is individually established at the initial consultation.  Full support is provided for 12 months by Susan and her team.  The equipment includes a balance board, pendulum ball, beanbags, bouncy balls and bounce back board, precision bar and precision blocks.

The Support

“Susan Steele is the heart of Performance Breakthrough. The passion and commitment that she gives this programme, which encompasses every aspect of a child’s learning and sporting ability,  has been founded on her own personal experience. Susan traveled to America to train under Dr. Belgau, the founder of this complete  balance and coordination programme.  She returned to N.Ireland to set up Performance  Breakthrough in the lovely surroundings of her premises in Merville Garden Village. Her positive attitude, her total belief and individualistic approach, whilst working with clients on the balance board,  have helped so many to unlock their potential. 

Susan provides each client with a unique product in that she offers one year of parental support and guidance in addition to the equipment and specially designed exercise programme. It is a joy to work with Susan!”  Mary McGuigan, Teacher.

Performance Breakthrough

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