Our child can now calm himself down!

Weekly Update – 7 October 2020

Child can calm himself down

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In this video John reads a quote we received from the Mum of a 7 years old boy who has been on the programme for 7 months.

“We believe that the Performance Breakthrough programme is helping our child in a variety of ways.  His gross motor skills are developing and he’s more confident joining in sports.  We also see improvements in his fine motor skills with neater handwriting and colouring.  He’s also better able to judge the spacing of his words and his accelerated reading level has also improved.  At times he can think more clearly about his actions and their consequences.  He’s also beginning to recognise some of his emotions and express them more appropriately.  A few times he’s managed to identify when he is starting to get cross and frustrated and has been able to calm himself down. 

So if your child is struggling in any of these ways and you’d like to find out any more information get in touch, we can help!

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