Are you searching for a permanent solution for your unhappy child?

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We are making the difference by providing the solution!

Ask your child what frustrates them most.  Is it schoolwork, homework or other people?

Then ask yourself what scares you most. 

  • The phone call from school?
  • The poor exam results? 
  • People questioning your parenting skills? 
  • The overall effect on family life?


You’re not on your own!

I have first hand experience with my own children.
I had felt that I was failing as a parent.  
When I found the programme and researched the science I realised that this simply wasn’t true.  
I had found the solution!
We completed the programme as a family and the results were life-changing.

This inspired me to leave my career and help other families.



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Take 10 minutes to complete our tick-box evaluation for your child. It covers 59 traits including difficulty getting organised in the morning, unable to follow instructions,  anxiety, frustration and meltdowns etc. 

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Dr Anish Anish Paediatric Consultant and Head of ADHD services recommends Performance Breakthrough.

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Free Parenting Awareness Event
1 Hour Webinar

Book your place on our live Thursday event. Susan tells the story of how she found the programme for her own two sons and how it enabled her to stop shouting! She also explains the science behind how and why this Movement Therapy Programme works.

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The worry stops here – You have found the solution too!

Susan Steele, Founder of Performance Breakthrough
Susan Steele

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