Performance Breakthrough Programme

"When I did the programme with my two boys, I was able to finally stop shouting. I didn’t have that sick feeling in my stomach anymore. And I no longer had to worry about their future. I had found a different approach that simply made sense!"

Susan Steele, Founder, Performance Breakthrough

How our programme works

We offer parents a holistic approach to helping their child
unlock their potential. We enable families to remove the stress
from homework time, meal times, bed time and many other
stressful situations in-between.

Within just 6 weeks you will notice positive changes in your child’s behaviour and general mood. Parents frequently report that their children are happier and more aware of what is being asked of them. They also notice that they are able to communicate better with the rest of the family.

We provide a unique insight into the neurological reasons why your child may display traits such as low concentration, sensory and emotional issues or why he or she struggles to reach their potential academically.

Perhaps even more importantly, at Performance Breakthrough, we are dedicated to enabling your child to live happier more focused lives in the classroom, on the sports field and within family and friend relationships.

Our proven approach is grounded in 11 years of experience and expertise in the field of neuroplasticity, balance and coordination, visual tracking, auditory processing and sensory processing disorders. We have recently commenced a pilot study, in conjunction with the Neuroscience faculty of the University of Ulster, on the positive impact the programme is having on the rehabilitation of Stoke survivors.

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Does your child struggle with low concentration?

If your child finds it difficult to concentrate and stay on task when doing their homework it is not because they cannot be bothered or that they are lazy; rather that their eyes are not able to work smoothly together to focus and track an object in space. If the eyes cannot focus effectively their mind cannot concentrate in order to process information accurately and at speed. This can make academic achievement difficult and very frustrating for children and their parents.

Is your child sensitive to socks/labels?

How is it that your child’s skin may be annoyed by wearing socks, yet they could fall off their bike and not cry? This is an indication that their sensory system in the skin is detecting the light touch of a sock in the way in which we would react to a fall and visa versa. Many children who are affected in this way seek deep impact as a comfort.

We encourage parents to work with their own child to build a positive relationship where you can both observe the progress as it happens.

Your Commitment

It takes a maximum of 15 minutes, just 5 days per week to see observable and measurable results usually within the first 6 weeks. We will supply the specially designed Performance Breakthrough equipment with its unique adjustable balance board along with our expert support for you and your child to ensure that they are given time to achieve results at their own pace.

Achieving permanent results

The programme will take 12 months. Through the science of Neuroplasticity, the brain ‘hardwires’ new neural connections over a period of time. Many therapies that you will have tried will have been prescribed for a period of 6 weeks. You will have seen improvements but once you stop the therapy your child may have reverted to their frustrated state for example. Because we work with your child for 12 months, we ensure that all improvements are ‘hardwired’. Therefore, permanent change takes place. Once a child can concentrate, they will not revert to being easily distracted when they finish the course.

The most common question parents ask is “What happens if it doesn’t work?“

The Programme cannot not work!

Exercise changes how the brain processes information. Our knowledge, expertise and one to one support will produce positive results for you and/or your child within 12 months.  

In fact, most parents positive,outcomes within the first few weeks and best of all, so do the children!

Call today for information on programme fees and installment facilities.

We are making the difference by providing the solution!

Your Breakthrough Coach has all the expertise you need.

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The Performance Breakthrough equipment

Upon signing up to the programme you will receive our specially designed equipment. 

Your Breakthrough Coach will arrange an initial consultation to include equipment set-up and an assessment of your child whilst they are interacting with the various components of the programme. 

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Ongoing support for 12 months

Your dedicated Coach will contact you after one week, at three weeks and again at 6 weeks. They will continue to check in with you every 6 weeks to monitor progress and give you the support you and your child need to get the most out of our 12-month programme.

Your support consultations can be carried out face to face or online via zoom or Whatsapp video.

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