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Unlocking potential at heart of Performance Breakthrough 

UNLOCKING the potential of children and adults alike is at the heart of Donaghadee-based business Performance Breakthrough. 

Founder and director Susan Steele established her business 10 years ago in Newtownabbey and is delighted to share her success across Ards and North Down. 

Over the past decade, Susan and her dedicated team have worked with 700 families, supporting children and adults, helping with education, mental wellbeing and sport.  

She had initially found the balance and co-ordination programme for her two sons and then trained with Dr Frank Belgau in Seattle. Dr. Belgau spent 40 years working on the programme following a conversation with a parent of one of his pupils, a NASA scientist.

An accredited, natural, drug-free and non-invasive programme, parents and adults can avail of a free evaluation, followed by a 12-month home based programme using a specially developed balance board and structured balance and coordination exercises.

The balance and co-ordination exercises take 15 minutes, for five days per week, and aim to develop new neural connections over the year-long period. 

There is specialist online support provided by a breakthrough coach with telephone consultations at week one and week three, followed by face-to-face online consultations every six weeks.

Such has been the success, Performance Breakthrough has been awarded a Gold Level Innovator Award by InvestNI.

Speaking from her own experience working with her two sons, Susan is keen to share the life-changing benefits the programme can bring for families across the borough. 

Said Susan: “The progress that our clients make is remarkable, measurable and life changing. It helps them to live happier, less chaotic and more fulfilled lives as we unlock their potential.

“These changes are permanent, based on research and most easily understood through the science of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or following injury.”

“These changes are permanent, based on research and most easily understood through the science of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or following injury.”

Speaking of her own family’s experience she said: “My oldest son was a smart child but had concentration issues. My youngest boy was also smart and it wasn’t until he was 10-and-a-half years old that we found out he was dyslexic. 

“My oldest son did the programme, he is 26 years old now and works with me in the company. He has brilliant empathy for parents and children alike because he was that child.”

Explaining the year-long programme was home based, Susan said: “It is a home based programme with balance and co-ordination exercises for 15 minutes each day, for five days a week.

“It involves neuroplasticity, or muscle memory, and we are rewiring and permanently making changes to the brain, so you never go back to having low concentration.”

Susan and her team’s passion for helping others shines through as she said: “Every day we are fascinated. We see a child who may have struggled to say the months of the year six weeks earlier.

“They are just so proud and they can’t wait to tell us, we are helping to build their self esteem.”

Said Susan: “It is not just about academic achievement.  These kids are really smart, they just have difficulty proving it in some areas. The programme embraces the sensory system and mental health as a whole.  It even helps children to be more organised, less frustrated, sleep better and eat a variety of foods.”

Performance Breakthrough hosts a Webinar for parents every Thursday at 10am and 4pm. To register log on:

For further information telephone Susan Steele, director and founder on: 07790 245 145  and email: [email protected]

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We would be delighted to speak at your event. Contact Susan to book her to speak at your school, workplace or sports ground. Susan tells the story of how she found the programme for her own two sons and how it enabled her to stop shouting! She also explains the science behind how and why this Movement Therapy Programme works.

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