Programme Research
Quinn & McGilloway
Maynooth University, Dublin

All of the clients were shown to have responded positively to the intervention as reflected in the statistically significant improvements in both the overall pre-post score and on each of the 9 sub-scale categories.

Vestibular involvement in cognition:
Visuospatial ability, attention, executive
function, and memory

A growing body of literature suggests the inner ear vestibular system has a substantial impact on cognitive function. 

Motor Control Laboratory: 

Part of the Research Centre for Motor Control and Neuroplasticity at KU Leuven

Our primary focus is to understand the principles underlying control of human movement with special emphasis on coordination and cognitively demanding motor tasks in association with sensory processing….

Cerebellar Control of Eye Movements

Beh, Shin C. MD; Frohman, Teresa C. PA-C; Frohman, Elliot M. MD, PhD, Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology: March 2017 – Volume 37 – Issue 1 – p 87-98

The cerebellum ensures the precision of ocular movements and occupies a central role in all classes of eye movements….




The Role of Eye Contact in Promoting Effective Learning in the Secondary School

Leonora Patricia Volmink, University of South Africa, 2015

Non-verbal communication as well as verbal communication functions powerfully in the realization of an effective teaching-learning environment in the classroom.  As little as 7% of communication takes place through the spoken word;

Motor Control – The Motor Cortex and Brainstem

Human Physiology Academy 2014-2015

Objects fall over if the centre of gravity is outside the base of the object;  In the body, adjustments of the distribution of forces generated by muscles keep the line of gravity within the base….

Acceptability and feasibility of Vestibular Nerve Stimulation (VeNS) in children with cerebral palsy: an industry-academic collaboration

Dr Karen McConnell & Dr Claire Kerr, 2019

Research study between Queens University Belfast research team with expertise in CP, and an emerging company with interests in neuroscience, that will potentially result in collaborative clinical research that will benefit people with neurological impairments….

Human Motor Control

(Second Edition), 2010

This text explores Human Motor Controlexploring the role of looking which relies on a number of oculomotor activities.  Looking involves several subsystems. Some rotate the eyeball; others do not.

Recognizing Biological Motion and Emotions from Point-Light Displays in Autism Spectrum Disorders,

LoS ONE7(9):e44473 September 2012

One of the main characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are problems with social interaction and communication. Here, we explored ASD-related alterations in ‘reading’ body language of other humans….

Attention Architectures for Machine Vision and Mobile Robots

Lucas Paletta, Hilary Buxton, in Neurobiology of Attention, 2005

Oculomotor control is not just important for spatial but also for sequential attention. Because eye movements must be executed in a sequential manner, it is crucial to focus visual attention at the right time on the right targets….

The Vestibular System

(or the Human Balance System)

Balance is the ability to maintain the body’s centre of mass over its base of support.  A properly functioning balance system allows humans to see clearly while moving, determine direction and speed of movement….

Learning difficulties ‘link to brain connections’

28 February 2020

Differences associated with learning difficulties are found less in specific areas of the brain and more in the connections between them, experts say….

D Bradley

BSc Psychology

A review of Performance Breakthrough by Bradley, D. BSc (Psychology), MA (Early Childhood Development), MSc (Autism Spectrum Disorders) October 2019 .

Juggling enhances connections in the brain

Oxford University Study

Oxford University have found that learning to juggle leads to changes in the white matter in the brain. The research shows improved connectivity in parts of the brain….

Dr. Frank Belgau’s Research

In the early 1960s, Frank Belgau started his research working with children to improve academic performance. ..he believes that most learning difficulties are caused by sensory integration disorders. Click on the image above to read more.

Neuroplasticity and Performance Breakthrough’s Vestibular-based, Multisensory Framework

Performance Breakthrough’s central tenet is that “organising three-dimensional space, time and energy is a fundamental component of human intelligence”….

Performance Breakthrough Mental Wellbeing Survey Results

We recently asked some of our clients to complete a survey on how Performance Breakthrough impacted on their lives – the results are in!  

The Science behind the Programme

There are 4 elements involved in the science of the Performance Breakthrough programme: Vestibular (balance) system, Cerebellum, Hand-eye co-ordination and Eye Tracking and focus….

Sensory Integration

The brain receives inputs from the senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) and must use that information efficiently to accurately understand the world around us. 

When the brain cannot integrate that information the result is an inaccurate model of the environment….

Where the programme began

Sensory Integration and Neuroplasticity.

Performance Breakthrough is a pioneering neuro-development tool that combines specially designed balance equipment and carefully selected.

Acute coordinative exercise improves attentional performance in adolescents

Budde H, Voelcker-Rehage C, Pietrabyk-Kendziorra S, Ribeiro P, Tidow G.

Teachers complain about growing concentration deficits and reduced attention in adolescents. Exercise has been shown to positively affect cognitive performance.

Exercise-induced changes in basal ganglia volume and cognition in older adults

Niemann C, Godde B, Staudinger UM, Voelcker-Rehage C.

Physical activity has been demonstrated to diminish age-related brain volume shrinkage in several brain regions accompanied by a reduction of age-related decline in cognitive functions

NASA:  Train like an astronaut

Mission:  Control and Balance Training

Everyone needs a well-developed balance system and spatial awareness.

This factsheet explains how to perform a physical activity that
will improve and integrate balance and spatial awareness.

Volitional Eye Movement Control and ADHD Traits:

A Twin Study, J Child Psychol Psychiatry, 2020 Feb 5

In this twin study, the relationship between performance on a response inhibition eye-tracking paradigm and parent-rated ADHD traits was examined in a population-based twin sample….

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