Parent Awareness Event Resources

Thank you for attending our Parents Awareness Event.

As promised here are the resources that we shared with you during the Event. 

Introductory Video

In this 7 minute video, Susan explains the Performance Breakthrough programme

Evaluation Form

Please click here to access our Evaluation Form. Please complete and submit this before our meeting.


This illustrates the handwriting of a 9 year old boy before he started the programme and 8 weeks later. His parents had been told he would never be able to write!

Parents Testimonials

In this video you can hear a number of parents and one 12 year old boy talking about the progress they have made

Dinosaur Pictures

These two pictures actually sum up the work that we do at Performance Breakthrough. The chaos in the first picture depicts the turmoil that was in the child’s mind. In the second picture there is no sign of any chaos. This child no longer requires an IEP.

Jennifer and Zac Carville

Jennifer explains how life has changed since finding Performance Breakthrough. Her son no longer struggles with reading and writing and there are no more homework nightmares!

Complete your Evaluation

Take a few minutes to complete our tick-box evaluation for your. It covers every trait from having difficulty getting organised in the morning to anxiety, frustration and meltdowns. 

Complete and submit your form and we will be in touch.

Free Webinar for Parents

Book your place on our live Thursday Webinar. Susan explains the science behind how and why the programme works.

Every Thursday at 10am and 4pm.

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