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In these uncertain times, we’re all having to adapt and do things differently and at Performance Breakthrough we too are adapting to our customers’ needs.

We are delighted to announce that from today we will be supporting all of our families and sports people via Skype, WhatsApp Video, Zoom etc. rather than have to come into the office for a face to face meeting. We have been working indeed with families using this technology across the world, but it’s lovely to be able to offer this service now to our local families here in Northern Ireland.

We will be in contact with you all over the next few weeks and if you haven’t started working with us as yet and you’re concerned that maybe your child has difficulty concentrating, maybe frustration levels are very high, behavioural issues are damaging family life, or if you are a sports person and you’re not playing competitively now for a while and you would like to maybe hone your reaction speed, your hand eye co-ordination, etc. then get in touch, we can help, we can evaluate you remotely , the evaluation is free and let’s make use of this time whenever the children maybe are off school and you’re not playing competitvely.

So we really look forward to hearing from you and just keep safe!

Thank you, Susan Steele

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