What we do is life-changing!

John Steele

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John Steele – Performance Breakthrough and how it all started for me. John describes his journey with Performance Breakthrough from being a child who couldn’t concentrate in school and the benefits the programme brought him, to becoming a Breakthrough Coach. As he says in the video, “What we do is life-changing!”

To find out more, get in touch – we can help!

Tel: 028 9036 4000 / 07790 245 145

Email: info@performancebreakthrough.co.uk

We can help improve include concentration, listening skills, behavioural issues, reading, writing, retention of spellings etc.

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Unlock Your Potential

To find our more about how our structured
balance and co-ordination exercises and
support from our Breakthrough Coaches can help,
get in touch….we can help!

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