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The Eye Exercise

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Home Schooling can be a real challenge and we want to help you with some free resources!

If your child finds it hard to concentrate try our 30 second eye exercise, once per day, with a sweet. Watch our video to see how!

What about you?  Working from home is difficult at the best of times.

Do you tend to start a task and not finish it? 

Or maybe you get frustrated because you find it difficult to get started in the first place?

Try our 30 second eye exercise once per day.

Performance Breakthrough is a balance and co- ordination programme which connects and forms pathways in the brain.  It was founded by Susan Steele in 2010 as a result of her own sons’ experience on the programme. (Read Susan’s story on ‘Our Success’ page).  Over the years Susan has developed and enhanced the original programme to the very successful model that it is today.

The series of structured balance and co-ordination exercises are completed in your own home for five days a week, each session lasts 15 minutes.

Completing these exercises will strengthen the body and mind connection.

Over the years Performance Breakthrough has been working and supporting families at our clinic in Newtownabbey as well as families all over the world with the use of video calling. Due to the ongoing corona virus situation our offices are now closed to the public but we are continuing to work online with all our clients both local and abroad.  We are delighted to be welcoming new clients every day.

Many parents, who are now working at home with their children have remarked, on many media posts, that their child is finding it very difficult to focus and to concentrate.  Many have said that despite continually repeating instructions their child still remains confused.  This is happening because the child is not able to process information . Homeschooling for many has become a nightmare – some parents have already experienced these traits when helping with home-works but this is a whole new level!  We can help by forming and connecting neural pathways.  Cambridge University has recently published an article in which they link learning difficulties to poor connectivity within the brain!

To give you an idea of how our programme works, we are asking you to try a 30 second eye exercise.  This eye exercise strengthens the neural connection between the eyes and the brain making it easier to process what we are seeing. The exercise effectively strengths your ability to focus on and to track an object, thereby increasing your overall level of concentration.  

Working from home? The Eye Exercise 2

In the video Susan explains how to complete this simple but powerful exercise.  Her eldest son John (who now works for us as a Breakthrough Coach) is the guy doing the exercise whilst standing on the Balance Board.  The Balance Board is part of the complete programme, but you can complete the eye exercise by standing on the floor with your feet parallel and straight.  

Susan suggests using a sweet as a tracking object as this may be an incentive for your child to complete the exercise!  Of course, once the exercise is over they get to eat it! This works for adults too!!  We know that many adults struggle with concentration and frustration especially in these very challenging times. This quick and easy exercise will help to clear your head of chaos and help you to stay on task.

It is not easy to keep your head still and move your eyes!

Why not take a video of you or your child trying this exercise and WhatsApp it to us @ 07790 245 145.

We would be delighted to send you free feedback.

Call us for more hints and tips on how to help your or your child.  We can support you remotely.

Tel:  028 9036 4000 or 07790 245 145

Email:  [email protected]

Why not have a look at our website?  The Education page lists a range of areas which may be of help and a list of traits that you may recognise.  These pages also list the most common areas where we are able to help and provides explanations.  There are also videos of Susan explaining how and why our programme works. 

 Over the years Susan has also witnessed how children on the programme often improve in sports. We are delighted to be working with clients in the sporting arena, helping them to up their game. 

We are also working with clients to improve their overall mental health. Cambridge university states “research has suggested that poor connectivity within the brain plays a role in the emergence of mental health disorders in adolescents.”  This is a holistic programme. 

There is a library of success stories on the Our Success page – Real stories from people who have benefited from the Performance Breakthrough programme over the last decade. 

The Weekly Updates page shows the bank of updates that we have shared over the last couple of years, you can also subscribe here to receive our weekly updates.

The Video page shows a selection of videos highlighting different areas of what we do, how and why the programme works and how children have succeeded in unlocking their potential.  These videos are linked to our YouTube channel where you can have a look through our full catalogue.

To find out more, get in touch – we can help!

Tel:  028 9036 4000 or 07790 245 145

Email:  [email protected]

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