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Making Connections - Unlocking your child's potential

This Webinar is presented by Susan Steele, founder of Performance Breakthrough.

Susan’s story begins with her two sons, who despite being very intelligent, struggled in school with low concentration and also found literacy difficult to comprehend. Having completed a balance and co-ordination programme, school and home life improved dramatically for both boys and, as Susan will explain, they unlocked their full potential.  Read more…

During our Webinar we will share with you: –

  • The scientific background as to why children and adults may struggle to process information through their 8 senses.
  • The NASA connection between body and mind which was discovered by a teacher.  Read more…

We will also discuss why:

  • Despite parents and teachers providing all kinds of extra resources and assistance, children may still have difficulty with comprehension, spelling retention, reading and handwriting.
  • Some children have very high frustration levels and cannot listen to reason.  Read more…


We have allocated 90 minutes for this Webinar to include adequate time for Q&A.

This Webinar will be held every Thursday at 10am and 8pm .

We look forward to seeing you!


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