Do you find that your child gets angry and has a meltdown over the slightest little thing?

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Do you find that your child gets angry and has a meltdown over the slightest little thing?

Do you find that your child gets angry and has a meltdown over the slightest little thing? Do they shout in your face and tell you that you’re stupid or that they hate you?
Having ranted for 2 hours do they then come back and say that they are terribly sorry and they don’t know why it happens and why they say those things?
It is very distressing for everyone in the family and colours the rest of the day but when you can understand that your child might be answering back not because they are being rude or cheeky, but because they are frustrated with themselves or they see and take things that you say very literally, it can make the situation easier to deal with.   Sadly, we often hear this scenario from many parents who come to us. Our advice is to hug the child when they are having the meltdown and whisper in their ear; “I know you don’t mean it.” Over and over again…no matter what they are shouting back. 
Let them know that you understand that they don’t want to be in this situation and that you are going to help them to calm. It won’t work for every child but it may help to end the meltdown quicker than shouting back at a child who has already reached their limit and can’t be reasoned with. Why don’t you try this next time? You might be pleasantly surprised! For the last 10 years Susan Steele has been working with families and has gained valuable experience on how to deal with tricky situations and has gathered a wealth of parenting tips. If your family is struggling with behavioural issues, get in touch – we can help!

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