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In today’s dynamic and often overwhelming environment, maintaining mental focus and calm can be particularly challenging for individuals with neurological conditions such as Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia. These challenges often manifest as both physical and mental rigidity, making it difficult for those affected to process information and handle daily tasks efficiently. This detailed exploration introduces a novel approach through our innovative web app, utilizing a simple yet effective tool—a bean bag—to enhance cognitive processing and improve daily life for people across various age groups.

The Link Between Physical Rigidity and Cognitive Processes

Understanding the Problem: How Rigidity Affects the Mind

Physical rigidity often mirrors the mental state. For instance, individuals who experience high levels of anxiety or frustration might display this through a rigid posture, such as tightly clenched fists or arms held closely to the body. This physical manifestation of tension can hinder the brain’s ability to process information fluidly, leading to increased feelings of chaos, anger, and unease.

Our Innovative Solution: Easing the Mind Through Guided Physical Activities

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“Participants progress at their own comfortable pace”

Our program is structured to ensure ease and effectiveness with minimal daily commitment. Participants engage in brief two-minute exercises designed to alleviate physical tension and promote mental flexibility. Each exercise is aimed at inducing a relaxed state, which is crucial for enhancing cognitive functions and overall mental well-being.

To support consistency without adding pressure, participants receive daily email reminders. Each reminder includes a link to access the day’s exercise, but importantly, the system is designed to accommodate individual paces. Participants will not receive the next exercise until they have confirmed completion of the current one. This thoughtful feature ensures that all participants progress at their own comfortable pace, fully absorbing the benefits of each session before moving forward. This method not only respects individual learning curves but also reinforces our commitment to a stress-free experience.

This relaxation of both body and mind paves the way for improved information processing and a more serene mental state, ultimately contributing to a better quality of life.

focus and calm
Throwing a Bean Bag and Watching it with you eyes

Enhancing Focus with Simple Visual Eye Tracking Exercises

Identifying Concentration Challenges

Tracking the movement of a bean bag during our exercises provides valuable insights into an individual’s concentration levels. This simple observation can uncover common focus-related challenges:

  • Darting Eyes: Eyes that dart around instead of smoothly following the bean bag often indicate difficulty in sustaining focus. This behavior suggests that the individual’s attention is easily fragmented.
  • Premature Eye Movement: When the eyes anticipate the movement and move ahead of the bean bag, it reflects a tendency to rush through and jump onto the next task. This premature shifting suggest an impulsive move to the next activity without properly finishing the present one.
  • Incomplete Tracking: Stopping eye movement before the bean bag completes its course can signal challenges with task completion. This pattern shows a potential struggle in following through to the end of activities, which is crucial for achieving thoroughness and accuracy in everyday tasks.

Tailored Daily Exercises to Improve Focus and Calm

Each day, the app delivers exercises that are simple to perform and require only a couple of minutes. These exercises rewire the brain through the science of neuroplasticity, aiming to enhance concentration and cognitive endurance. Consistent practice of these exercises promises gradual and sustainable improvement in the ability to focus and complete tasks completely and to the best of your ability.

Take A look at the video below for a quick demonstration from our Founder, Susan Steele.

Pricing and Accessibility: Providing Universal Access to Mental Clarity

Accessibility is a key aspect of our service. Priced at just £8.99 per month, our web app is an affordable solution for those looking to enhance their cognitive functions. The exercises are only two minutes per day and are completed 5 days a week. User feedback indicates noticeable improvements in various cognitive aspects, including reduced procrastination, clearer mental focus, enhanced sleep patterns, reduced stress, frustration and overall mental clarity, often within just two weeks of regular use.

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What Our Customers Have Experienced


Investing just two minutes per day into using our app can significantly rewire your brain, enhancing your ability to concentrate, improve sleeping patterns, reduce frustration, stress and mental clutter. The exercises, while simple, are expertly designed to assist individuals, particularly those dealing with neurodiversity, in overcoming daily cognitive challenges. We invite you to experience the transformative impact of our innovative approach by signing up for our app, and begin your journey towards achieving mental focus and calm.

Happy Breakthroughs!

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