First Parent-Teacher meeting in 6 years I didn’t leave in tears!

Parent Teacher Interview

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First Parent-Teacher meeting in 6 years I didn’t leave in tears!

Our Happy Friday Update

Often families we work with dread the parent-teacher meeting.  They know their child has been struggling at school and have often been called into school to talk about behavioural issues.  They know their child is smart, but they also know they have difficulty proving it in the classroom.

One parent recently mentioned they were dreading going to the meeting with their child’s teacher that evening.

She said:

“We hadn’t even reached half-term when we’d already been called into school as Sophia (age 12) had a meltdown in class.  So after that I really am not looking forward to meeting her teacher and hearing what he has to say!”

Imagine our delight the next morning when we got this text…

“Just to let you know our parent teacher meeting went really well last night!  They focused totally on Sophia’s learning and what they are doing to help her.  No mention of any of the bad bits!! That was the first parents evening in 6 years that I could have cried with joy instead of anger.”

“I explained the Performance Breakthrough Programme and the balance and co-ordination exercises we complete for 15 minutes, 5 days per week to the teacher and he was very impressed and, like us, is excited to see the progress Sophie continues to make.”

If you no longer want to dread the parent teacher interview, get in touch – we can help!

Performance Breakthrough is an innovative and effective approach to helping many fundamental skills in education and sport.

Our balance and co-ordination exercises enable you to unlock your full potential, naturally.

 If your body is not in balance, your mind doesn’t work to it’s full potential.  We have been helping children to improve in school for almost 10 years and have found that each child enhanced their ability in sport.  

We are therefore delighted to be breaking into the sporting field to help sports people unlock their potential too.

Our programme consists of: –

  • Free evaluation assessment
  • Balance & co-ordination exercises
  • Maximum 15 minutes per day/5 days per week
  • Interactive and fun activities
  • 12 months of one to one support included

For further information or to book a FREE evaluation appointment get in touch or complete the contact form below.

Email:  [email protected]

Tel:  07500 337 708

Email:  [email protected]

Tel:  07846 141 869

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